CAtS and society


February-March 2017, Rovereto, Italy

Public event for high-schools
"Trentino Young Scientist Challange (TYSC)"

Laura Facci, Jlenia Marisa and Chiara Valzolgher participated in the TYSC project with two initiatives. 

Workshop “Scienziati non si nasce”: the workshop aimed to make students curious about cognitive science research. Our team proposed a workshop for students of three middle schools in Trento in order to teach them about scientific method. In particular, we presented two different experiments: the rubber hand illusion in the context of human body perception and an experiment in the field of social psychology concerning gender stereotype.

TYSC OpenDays: students experimented with being researchers. They tried to create their own experiment in the occasion of “OpenDays”. During this events, Laura, Jlenia and Chiara joined the TYSC board in order to choose the best scientific experiments.

February 2017, Rovereto, Italy

Public conference
"Strumenti di conoscenza: dal lancio delle pietre agli smartphone"

[Tools of knowledge: from stone throwing to smartphones]

At the Museo Civico in Rovereto, Maurizio Battisti (archaelogist), Gionata Stancher (biologist and ethologist) and Francesco Pavani (cognitive neuroscientist) will discussed from the relationship between tools, cognition and evolution from three differente perspectives.


February 2017, Paris, France

Prix en Neuroscience pour la Recherche Medicale de la Fondation MEDISITE, sous l'égide de la Fondation de France)
[Neuroscience Award for Medical Research form the MEDISITE Foundation]

Alessandro Farné and Francesco Pavani have received the Neuroscience Award (for Medical Research) from the the MEDISITE Foundation, in a cerimony held at the Collége de France in Paris. Read more about the projected here.



November 2016, Rovereto, Italy

Public event for high-schools
“Chiamata alle arti e alle scienze”

[Call to arts, call to science]

In occasion of the 3rd edition of “Chiamata alle Arti e alle Scienze”, proposed by Associazione Culturale Artea, Mara Mazzurega, Chiara Valzolgher, Jlenia Marisa, Laura Facci and Adriana Catania proposed a workshop in which high school students experienced a psychological experiment. In particular, we explained key concepts about body image and the different methods that can be used for its scientific investigation. They had the opportunity to try the rubber hand illusion and to experience the feeling of being in someone else’s body (body swapping) through Virtual Reality.


October 2016, Rovereto, Italy

"Diagnosi precoce e trattamento della sordità e delle apnee notturne ostruttive (OSA) nella prevenzione del decadimento cognitivo, dell'alzheimer e delle demenze"

[Early diagnosis and treatment of deafness and OSA in the prevention of cognitive decline, Alzheimer disease and other dementias]

In this meeting, organised by Dr. Giuseppe Nicolò Frau (Rovereto Hospital), I discussed the role of hearing on cognitive functions, and presented the approach that the ANR funded grant VIRTUALHEARING3D will take in the assessment and treatment of spatial hearing disorders. 

September 2016, Roma, Italy

"Dalla sordità alla struttura della mente"

[From deafness to mental structure]

This symposium, organised in collaboration with Francesca Peressotti (University of Padua, Italy), was hosted at this year annual meeting of the Italian Psychological Association (AIP) in Rome. The aim of the symposium was to present a series of recent italian studies that starting from research on deaf participants are addressing fundamental cognitive mechanisms of the human mind (language, attention, emotion). 

September 2016, Rome and Naples, Italy. 

Research on body perception presented at the annual meetings of the Italian Psychological Association

Mara Mazzurega, Chiara Valzolgher and Laura Facci presented our work on body perception at the national conferences of the Italian Psychological Association for Experimental Psychology (Rome) and Social Psychology (Naples). See Research section for further details and abstracts (in Italian).

July 2016, Bologna, Italy. 

Public presentation of the book "Lingua dei Segni, società, diritti"
[Sign Language, Society and Rights]

We have been hosted by the "Bar Senza Nome" in Bologna, the first bar in Italy promoted and coordinated by deaf people, to present the book "Lingua dei Segni, società, diritti" edited by Benedetta Marziale e Virginia Volterra (Ed. Carocci). Together with Virginia Volterra, Barbara Pennacchi, Gabriele Caia, I presented key notions of the book. In particular I discussed the studies concerning sign language and the brain. 

April 2016, Padova, Italy. 

"Sordità: lingua dei segni, impianto cocleare e riabilitazione linguistica"

[Deafness: sign language, cochlear implant and language rehabilitation]

A workshop in the stunning framework of the main lecture hall of Palazzo del Bo at the University of Padua, organised by the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation of the Padova University, in collaboration with the Lions Club Padova “Elena Cornaro Piscopia” and ISISS “Magarotto”. My presentation (in Italian) concerned the interactions between audition and vision in people with cochlear implant. 

April 2016, Rome, Italy.

Presentation at the Senate of the Republic in Rome in support of the law for Italian Sign Language recognition

I have been invited to present in front of the Commission on Constitutional Affairs to state the case for promoting and supporting Italian Sign Language. In particular, I briefly summarised the evidence from cognitive neuroscience that indicates that the brain treats sign languages largely within the same circuits and regions dedicated to the processing of oral languages.

March 2016, Bolzano - Bozen, Italy 

Educational Day @ Museion (Bolzano)

Il corpo al museo: arte e neuroscienze della multisensorialità [The body in the museum: art and neuroscience of multisensory processing]: a conversation at the MUSEION (Bolzano-Bozen) with Dott.ssa Francesca Bacci, curator of Special Projects, MART (Rovereto). For futher details click here

(Educational Day, Museion Bolzano 2016. Foto Fanni Fazekas)

February 2016, Rovereto, Italy

University course
"La costruzione psicologica e sociale del corpo: idee per una didattica multidisciplinare sulle tematiche del corpo"

[The psychological and social construction of the body: ideas for multidisciplinary teaching approach to body issues) 

The course is a series of 4 lectures aimed at teachers, that will consider the multifaceted aspects of body perception and aim to provide tools for a multidisciplinary approach to this topic in schools. In the first lecture, Francesco Pavani and Mara Mazzurega will present the multisensory construction of own body representation. In the second lecture, a social psychologist (Jeroen Vaes) will discuss the influence of society on body perception. In the third lecture, an art hystorian (Francesca Bacci) will guide teachers to explore the body in art. The fourth lecture will be conducted in collaboration, highlighting possible multidisciplinary links and proposing ideas for addressing the topic in schools. 

See brochure (in Italian) here

The course is part of a training initiative promoted from the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science.




December 2015, Trento, Italy

The modularity of the mind from the perspective of phylosophy and cognitive neuroscience

Lectures in collaboration with Dr. Sara Dellantonio (Dep. of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento) on the modularity debate, in the framework of an initiative organised by SIFA (Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica).

Here is the link to Sara's lecture:
Here is the link to my lecture:

September 2015, Trento, Italy

The CAtS lab at the Researcher's Night!

What an amazing night! Uninterrupted public from 5 to 11 pm. Exausting but hugely rewarding (and entertaining). 

From left to right: Jlenia Marisa, Mara Mazzurega, Chiara Valzogher, Silvia Scarozza, Laura Facci, Silvia Zeni, Francesco Pavani.