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Principal investigator

Albrecht Haase

I am interested in fundamental processes underlying reception, information coding, processing, and learning. Being a physicist by formation, I am especially attracted by two aspects in these fields: exploring the overlap between neuroscience and physics, where functional processes can be tested regarding possible underlying fundamental mechanisms (e.g. quantum biology) and the application of experimental techniques which go beyond standard neuroscience approaches (nonlinear microscopy, optogenetics). My team is formed by neuroscientists and biologists who are keen on exploring experimental methods to extract information from the brain that is not accessable with conventional tools.

albrecht.haase [at]


Virginia Belloni

My research interest is to understand how ecological and biological factors are involved in organism development and evolutionary mechanisms of adaptation, contributing to the individual fitness and survival.  My research focuses on physiological and biochemical integrated mechanisms underlying individual plasticity, and their role in modulating organism’s ability to respond to environmental changes. My goal is to contribute in environmental health studies evaluating and reducing the detrimental effects of chemical contamination as well as develop new strategies for the control of pest species. My current research is focused on investigating the chemical ecology and behavioral characteristics of Drosophila melanogaster and the Drosophila suzukii to understand what makes the first a model insect and the second an invasive pest.

virginia.belloni [at]                            Download CV

Damiano Zanini

I am interested in neurobiology of sensory systems, defining the mechanisms through which animals translate and combine sensory input into behavioral outputs. In my studies, I investigated the role of chordotonal organs in the fruit fly by combining genetics, molecular biology and immunohistochemistry to describe the mechanisms that mediate proprioception. Now I am expanding my investigation on the olfactory system of the honeybee, performing in vivo calcium imaging and behavioral assays to study the neurobiological basis of the associative learning and memory.


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PhD students

Mara Andrione

I investigate the honeybee antennal lobe both morphologically (immunohistochemistry) and functionally (in vivo calcium imaging), to understand how its network could be changed by experience and learning. With the same approach, I am also studying the effects of neonicotinoid exposure on this center.



mara.andrione [at]               Download CV

Mirko Zanon

I have a physics background, oriented to biological applications and imaging techniques in living samples. I am developing methods to study neural network dynamics in Apis mellifera via optogenetics.




mirko.zanon [at]               Download CV

Master's students



Francesko Molla

Student in  Science and Techniques of Cognitive Psychology, Trento






Gianluca Morciano

Student in  Science and Techniques of Cognitive Psychology, Trento






Sofia Micheletti

Student in  Science and Techniques of Cognitive Psychology, Trento


Renzo Antolini - Biophysics and Biosignals Laboratory, Department of Physics

Giorgio Vallortigara - Animal Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory, CIMeC

Paolo Macchi - Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, CIBIO

Anna Cereseto - Laboratory of Molecular Virology, CIBIO

Sergio Angeli - Faculty of Science and Technology,
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Paolo Fontana, Valeria Malagnini - Plant protection and biodiversity in agriculture or forestry unit, Fond. E. Mach, S. Michele all'Adige

Gianfranco Anfora - Chemical Ecology research group, Fond. E. Mach, S. Michele all'Adige

Mauro Mandrioli - Department of Life Sciences, University of Modena

Paul Szyszka and Giovanni Galizia - Neurobiology group, University of Konstanz, Germany

Nathan Weisz -  Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Salzburg, Austria


Macro Paoli - Post Doc

now Post Doc at University of Konstanz, Germany, in the Neurobiology group of Giovanni Galizia

Angela Albi - Master's student

now PhD student at the International Max Planck Research Schools for Organismal Biology in Konstanz, Germany, with Iain Couzin

Marco Zanoli - Master's student

Paolo Guerra - Master's student

Anna Eriksson - Post Doc

Quentin Baudouin - Post Doc

Elisa Rigosi - Post Doc

now PostDoc at the Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden, in the Functional zoology group

Ben Timberlake - Master's student

now PhD student at the CIMeC Doctoral School in the group of Giorgio Coricelli

Martina Puppi - Master's student

now Research assistant at CIMeC in the group of Giorgio Coricelli

Zahid Safraz - Master's student

now PhD student at the Centre for Micro-Photonics, Swinesburn University of Technology, Australia

Giulia Zanini - Master's student

now PhD student at the Department of Physics, University of Genova/ Italian Istitute of Technology in the group of Alberto Diaspro

Anna Archetti - Master's student

now PhD student in the Doctoral Program in Photonics, EFPL Lausanne, Switzerland, in the group of Suliana Manley

Daniele Rama - Intern

Ylenia Fratini - Intern

Sofia Rossi - Intern