The group

Manuela Piazza (Principal Investigator)

Manuela is a cognitive neuroscientist interested in the relation between perception and higher-level cognition in the brain, particularly during learning. At University of Trento she is Associate Professor, where she teaches both at the Cognitive Science Faculty, and at the Master in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at CIMeC. She is also member of the CIMeC Doctoral School.

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Gisella Decarli (Ph.D. Candidate)

The research interest of Gisella is to explore the development of early numerical abilities and the role of these abilities in the acquisition of later mathematical skills. Specifically, her Ph.D. project aims to make further progress in this field by investigating the inter-individual differences during the first years of life - using behavioral techniques - and by analyzing how these differences evolve across development. Complementary to this topic, she is also interested in understanding why some children show specific problems in the domain of maths and calculation (dyscalculia).

Simone Viganò (Ph.D. Candidate) 

Primarily interested in learning and memory, Simone is currently investigating the cortical mechanisms underlying the emergence of meaningful categories in the adult human brain, as they are the building-blocks for conceptual knowledge to emerge. For his Ph.D. project he uses fMRI and TMS, in combination with learning paradigms to describe the neural correlates of categorization and its relationship to symbols and language.


Chiara Zanonato (Undergraduate Student)

Chiara joined the lab in October 2016. She is currently working on a visual change detection paradigm adapted for 12-months-old infants to investigate their number sense acuity.


Maria Ravera (Undergraduate Student) 

Maria joined the lab in September 2016. She worked on a behavioral learning paradigm to investigate the rise of categories for multisensory stimuli, and she recently joined the CIMeC Neonatal NeuroImaging Unit to run an EEG experiment to investigate the neural signatures of number sense in newborns.



  • Pedro Pinhero-Chagas (now Post-doc fellow @ Stanford Medical Scool)
  • Valentina Borghesani (now Post-doc fellow @ UCSF, San Francisco)
  • Qing Cai (now PI @ NYU Shanghai)
  • Lola DeHevia (now PI @ CNRS Paris)
  • Andre Knops (now PI @ Humboldt-Universität Berlin)
  • Alessandro Chinello (now Research Project Coordinator @ Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milano)
  • Susanna Revkin (now lecturer @ FH- Campus Wien)