Alessandro Grecucci, Principal Investigator
Alessandro is the Principal investigator of the Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Lab. He has a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and in Psychotherapy. His research interests combine these two fields, and range from the study of the brain mechanisms behind emotional processing, to the development of new treatment protocols to address psychological disorders.

Remo Job, Full Professor
Remo is a Full Professor of Psycholinguistics at Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. His research interests cover psycholinguistics, memory and cognitive processes, neuropsychology of language. 

Luca PirettiPost-Doc Researcher
Luca is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at University of Bologna (Italy) and he obtained his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at SISSA (Trieste, Italy). His main research interest is the investigation of social semantic memory in patients with neurological and neurosurgical diseases, using structural and functional MRI.

Roma Siugzdaite, Post-Doc Researcher
Roma is a postdoc researcher at Ghent University in the Department of Experimental Psychology. Her main research interests are: 1) lateralization of cognitive functions in healthy and clinical population, 2) structural and functional brain differences during development in children with autism spectrum disorder. 

Edoardo Pappaianni, PhD Student
Edoardo is a PhD student at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science. His research interests cover the cognitive and neural aspects of social-emotional processes and advanced methods of neuroimaging (particularly MRI-fMRI) with brain stimulation techniques applied to psychopathological and psychiatric diseases. 

Gaia LapomardaPhD Student


Lab Alumni

Sara Sorella

Alessio Mattevi

Michele Lucian

Anna Burato

Gabriele Penazzi

Mattia Palumbo


Past Lab Alumni

Sara Lorandini

Andrea Rattin

Iuri Mastrandrea

Danilo Rubicondo

Annalisa Bertoldi

Stefania Luchesa

Elisa Tommasello

Luigi Alberto Gozzi

Ferdinando Di Marzio

Pietro Sardagna

Ilaria Postal

Elessandra Chiomento

Massimiliano Nardi

Anna Neresini

Beatrice Brioni

Elena Barbacovi



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