The program will consist of invited talks only and is given below.

The workshop will start in the afternoon of Monday 9 and will end in the early afternoon of Wednesday 11.

Click here to download the book of abstracts.

Wherever available, you may click on the "Slides" link to download the slides of the presentation and on the "Video" link to download the video of the corresponding presentation.

Monday 9/1/2017

13h30: Registration


13h55-14h: Opening session


14h-15h30: Session Mo.1 (Chair: Fabio Bagagiolo)

  • 14h-14h45: Alessandro D’Innocenzo - Modeling and co-design of control tasks over wireless networking protocols (Slides, Video)

  • 14h45-15h30: Francesca Parise - Decentralized control for aggregative games (Slides, Video)


15h30-16h15: Coffee break


16h15-18h30: Session Mo.2 (Chair: Enrico Bertolazzi)

  • 16h15-17h: Luca Schenato - Getting multi-agent systems to cooperate (SlidesVideo)

  • 17h-17h45: Lucia Pallottino - Primitive based planning and control for hybrid systems with applications to humanoid robotics (Slides, Video)

  • 17h45-18h30: Alessandro Saccon - Reference spreading hybrid trajectory tracking for robotic systems with unilateral constraints: towards full exploitation of dynamic contact transitions (Slides, Video)


19h00: Welcome Cocktail: At Scrigno del Duomo in Piazza Duomo.

Tuesday 10/1/2017

9h-10h30: Session Tu.1 (Chair: Daniele Fontanelli)

  • 9h-9h45: Dario Bauso - Coalitional games for aggregation of wind power production (Slides, Video)

  • 9h45-10h30: Claudio Marchi - Mean field games on networks (Slides, Video)


10h30-11h15: Coffee break


11h15-12h45: Session Tu.2 (Chair: Marta Zoppello)

  • 11h15-12h: Patrizio Colaneri - Improving performances via switching: theory and applications (Slides, Video )

  • 12h-12h45: Franco Blanchini - Tuning a plant without a model (Slides, Video )


12h45-14h: Lunch


14h-15h30: Session Tu.3 (Chair: Luigi Palopoli)

  • 14h-14h45: Sergio Galeani - On linear output regulation: data-driven, hybrid, optimal, and more! (Slides, Video)

  • 14h45-15h30: Dimos Dimarogonas - Distributed hybrid control synthesis for multi-agent systems from high level specifcations (Slides, Video)


15h30-16h15: Coffee break


16h15-18h30: Session Tu.4 (Chair: Marco Frego)

  • 16h15-17h: Marta Zoppello - Controllability properties of dynamical systems with hysteresis (Slides, Video)

  • 17h-17h45: Mauro Garavello - Control problems for traffic flow (Slides, Video)

  • 17h45-18h30: Francesco Rossi - Sparse Jurdjevic-Quinn stabilization (Slides, Video)


20h00: Workshop Banquet at the Birreria Forst

Wednesday 11/1/2017

9h-10h30: Session We.1 (Chair: Enrico Bertolazzi)

  • 9h-9h45: Francesco De Pellegrini - Competitive caching of contents in 5G edge cloud networks (Slides, Video)

  • 9h45-10h30: Matthias Gerdts - Approaches for bilevel optimal control problems (Slides, Video)


10h30-11h15: Coffee break


11h15-12h45: Session We.2 (Chair: Luca Zaccarian)

  • 11h15-12h: Rafal Goebel - Going beyond Zeno through a pointwise asymptotically stable set in a hybrid system (Slides, Video)

  • 12h-12h45: Corrado Possieri - Linear Quadratic Optimization for Periodic Hybrid Systems (Slides, Video)


12h45: Lunch


14h-15h30: Session We.3 (Chair: Fabio Bagagiolo)

  • 14h-14h45: Maria Prandini - Distributed optimization over networks: application to multi-building energy management (Slides, Video)

  • 14h45-15h30: Marco Frego - Reactive Replanning for a Vehicle Following Clothoid-Based Trajectory Subject to Velocity Constraints (Slides, Video )


15h30-16h15: Farewell coffee break