Media Coverage

Article out on 15.08.16 in the local newspaper 'Il Trentino' on the experiments leading up to the Current Biology publication Temporal integration windows in neural processing and perception aligned to saccadic eye movements.

Article out on 16.06.16, in the University of Trento's web-magazine: IL TEMPO È SCANDITO DAL CERVELLO: IL RITMO DELLA PERCEZIONE VISIVA

Article out on 28.09.15, in the University of Trento's web-magazine: the construction of perceptual space time.

The New Scientist magazine's latest edition (10 January 2015) includes a cover article on 'How long is now' in which journalist Laura Spinney interviews David Melcher on 'The time illusion: How your brain creates now'.

David Melcher on Italian national television RAI TV - Rai Cultura - in the Programme Nautilus connected to the Genova Science Festival of October 2014, talking about the Brain and Time.

Article 'Space and time get mixed in the mind' based on interview with David Melcher in Horizon, the EU Reseach and Innovation Magazine, 30.07.2014.