The CPP group is hosting a research seminar on 6th November by Flavio Dell' Acqua MR research engineer and lecturer at the Department of Neuroimaging (KCL): Advanced models for diffusion imaging and tractography
Markus Van Ackeren starts a posdoc in the lab. Welcome!
Thumbs up for Giulia Dormal who defended her Phd Thesis with perfection this week!
Congratulation to Mohamed, now master in cognitive science, obtained '110/110 e lode' !
Congratulations to Giulia and Stefania for having their opinion paper accepted: Elli G,  Benetti S, and Collignon O. (In Press). Is There a Future for Sensory Substitution Outside Academic Laboratories? Multisensory Research
Congratulation to Ambra for her impressive master thesis defense and here graduation obtained  '110/110 e lode e dignità di stampa' - beyond that there is nothing!
New collaborative review paper accepted: Mottron L, Belleville S, Rouleau G, Collignon O. (In press). Linking Neocortical, Cognitive, and Genetic Variability in Autism with Alterations of Brain Plasticity: the Trigger-Threshold-Target Model. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
Congrats to Benedetta for having her review paper accepted: Heimler B,  Weisz N, and Collignon O. (In Press). Revisiting the adaptive and maladaptive effects of crossmodal plasticity. Neuroscience
Congratulation to Giulia Elli who defended her master thesis with brio and graduated 'cum laude'.  
Roberto Bottini, a close collaborator of the lab, wrote (in italian) a very interesting piece on the 'neuroscience of blindness' in Luce Magazine (the webzine of the blind association from Milan) mostly based on our recent experiment about space-time perception in blind individuals. Link here.
The CPP lab organizes a MADVIS-project seminar with Xiaoqing Gao: Learning to see faces. 
Watch out for our presentation at BIOMAG this year by Audrey Doualot et al.: Investigating crossmodal plasticity in blind individuals with Magentoencephalography.

New paper accepted: Crollen V,  Noël MP,  Seron X,  Mahau P,  Lepore F and Collignon O. (In Press). Visual experience influences the interactions between fingers and numbers. Cognition
The lab CPP lab MADVIS-project seminar with Daniel Casasanto.
New arrival: Jodie Davies-Thompson joins the lab as a postdoc.
If you go to HBM-Hamburg this year, dont miss our two posters:
- Dormal G. Functional selectivity for looming and laterally moving sounds in the occipital cortex of the blind. Poster #4046 - June 11 / 12h45-14h45.
- Pelland M. State-dependent Modulation of Functional Connectivity in Congenitally Blind Individuals. Poster #4071 - June 12 / 12h45-14h45.
In the framework of the 'Advanced Topics in Perception' class I co-teach with Wieske Van Zoest in the CIMeC Master program, we are hosting a workshop on OpenSesame with Sebastiaan Mathôt.
The PhD Call for the 30th Cycle is out and the online application is now open ( The CIMeC has been ranked as best center for cognitive science research in Italy. Its faculty has 6 ERC starting grants and 1 advanced grant. The Program is in English.

Official kickoff of the MADVIS project [MApping the Deprived VIsual System: Cracking function for prediction] funded by an European Research Council-Starting Grant attributed to Olivier.  Giornalesentire / Le Scienze (Italian edition of Scientific American

The CPP-Lab has suddenly doubled! We are happy to welcome to 2 new undergraduate (Tevhide Hicret and Mohamed Tawfik) and 2 new graduate students (Ceren Battal and Stefania Mattioni). And we are more and more international - 5 nations represented now.
Our paper recently published in JoCN is the lead story on the homepage of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society.


New paper accepted: Charbonneau G, Veronneau M, Boudrias-Fournier C, Lepore F, & Collignon O. (2013) The ventriloquist in periphery: Impact of eccentricity-related reliability on audio-visual localization. Journal of Vision, 13(12):20, 1–14.


PIZZA-TIME to celebrate the end of Giulia's fMRI acquisition period.


Ranked #1! The University of Trento came out #1 in the category of medium-sized universities and CIMeC #1 in the category Psychology department in the Italian national ranking, published yearly by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).




New paper accepted in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience: 'Blue light stimulates cognitive brain activity in visually blind individuals' by Vandewalle G*., Collignon O.*, Hull J., Daneault V., Czeisler C., Lepore F., Doyon J., Dumont M., Lockley S. & Carrier J. [*Indicates equal contribution]

Olivier gave a talk at the 'Sensory Substitution Workshop' held at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies in Jerusalem (organized by Shelly Levy-Tzedek and Amir Amedi).
Our group was well represented at the last IMRF meeting in Israel with three talks: 
- Giulia Dormal on 'Behavioral and neurophysiological correlates of sight restoration after longstanding visual deprivation'; 
- Virginie Crollen on ' Visual experience differentially impacts the egocentric and allocentric coding of touch and motor sequence';
- Olivier Collignon on 'The impact of blindness onset on the organization and connectivity of the occipital cortex' [Talk held in a symposium on Crossmodal Plasticity organized by Steven Lomber].


New paper accepted in Brain'Impact of blindness onset on the functional organization and connectivity of the occipital cortex' by Collignon, O., Dormal, G., Albouy G., Vandewalle G., Voss P., Phillips C., Lepore, F.

Emmanuelle Dostie-Dionne won a prize for her posted communication @ CERNEC annual meeting.
Giulia Dormal won a prize for her posted communication @ CERNEC annual meeting.
Stefania Benetti joins the lab/CIMeC for a 3-years postdoc. Welcome!
Giulia Dormal won a student award to attend the next IMRF meeting in Jerusalem.


Genevieve's paper on the processing of audio-visual emotion expressions in autism spectrum disorder accepted in Neuropsychologia.

Audrey Droualot (PhD student at UQAM-Montreal) receives an RBIQ fellowship to support her training period in the lab (from January to April 2013).
Fabien's paper on the 'emotional capture' of spatial attention accepted in Cortex.


Simon's paper on 'intra- vs cross-modal integration' accepted in Experimental Brain Research.

Giullia Elli and Alessandro Lopopolo start a research training period in the lab on 'Brain mechanisms of the multisensory integration of emotional expressions'. 


Robert Oostenveld and Roemer van der Meij (Donders Institute), visited CIMeC for a 2.5 day Fieldtrip workshop.

Stefania Ferraro selected for the CIMeC 3-years PhD program and will do her research in the lab on multisensory integration and crossmodal plasticity. 
Virginie's opinion paper on 'embodied space in blinds' accepted in Frontiers in Psychology. 
Giulia's review paper on 'the plasticity of the dorsal stream in blinds' accepted in Neural Plasticity.