Research assistant Fellowship - Transfer Machine Learning for Clinical Data

CONTEXT: In the context of the project "Artificial Intelligence at Trento (AI-TN)", funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the general goal of the study is to investigate and optimize computational methods for transfer learning from healthy subject data to patient data in clinical practice. The work will be done under the supervision of Dr. Paolo Avesani (Head or Neuroinformatics Laboratory, Bruno Kessler Foundation) and Prof. Jorge Jovicich (Head of MRI Methods Group, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy).

DURATION: The research assistant position (M.Sc. graduate) will be for 15 months, starting in September 2022.

CALL (deadline August 26, 2022): Research Assistant call opportunity in the field of machine learning for neuroimage segmentation

PROJECT OUTLINE: The project involves the implementation and evaluation of data driven methods for the automatic segmentation of human brain tissues from MRI data. The investigation will address the challenge of tuning learning models trained on data acquired with a high field MR scanner to data acquired with lower field clinical MR protocols. The model will be further developed to investigate the segmentation of postoperative brain cavities following neurosurgical glioma resection. Such markers will be investigated in the context of longitudinal predictors of cognitive outcome, in collaboration with Dr. Silvio Sarubbo and the Neurosurgery Unit, Santa Chiara Hospital, Trento.

The project is an excellent opportunity for MSc graduates interested in a research experience in the field of machine learning and MRI that will give a more competitive application to relevant industry or PhD opportunities.

LIFE: To also consider a work/life balance, there is more than our passion for translational research. You can check these pointers for a flavor of life quality in Trentino: https://www.visittrentino.info/en; https://www.discovertrento.it/en; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trentino.

CONTACT: For questions related to the call, feel free to contact Paolo Avesani (avesani [at] fbk.eu) and/or Jorge Jovicich (jorge.jovicich [at] unitn.it)


The MRI Methods Group is always interested in internship applications related to implementing, optimizing and/or applying advanced MRI neuroimaging methods that are sensitive quantify structural and functional plasticity of the human brain.

The period of availability and background should be consistent with both learning and applying skills to support ongoing projects. Feel free to contact jorge.jovicich [at] unitn.it

Master and Doctoral Programmes

We are pleased to consider applications from prospective postdocs and students for our international programs:

If interested, please contact Jorge Jovicich by email (jorge dot jovicich at unitn dot it) sending a copy of your CV and a cover letter describing your experience and research interests. Candidates with backgrounds in physics, engineering, programing are preferred.