Research Fellowship - Human brain connectomics

CONTEXT: We are looking for two proactive research fellows with neuroimaging experience to contribute towards the development and evaluation of innovative models that improve representations of human brain connectivity. Specifically, we aim to improve estimates of structural connectivity integrating multimodal structural images (such as diffusion MRI and quantitative imaging to also be sensitive to myelin) and intrinsic functional MRI data. This is an Italian multicenter project in which the University of Trento (J. Jovicich) leads the MRI acquisition, estimation and harmonization of derived metrics (this call, see links below), the University of Verona (A. Daducci) leads the modeling that integrates multimodal neuroimaging data for the tractographic reconstructions, and the University of Genoa (M. Inglese) leads the tractographic validations and contributes to the data acquisition. Our long term plans consider applying this framework to clinical populations.

This project “Functional and anatomically informed tractography of the human brain”, is funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (Prot. 2022PXR8ZX, CUP E53D23011550006).


LIFE: To also consider a work/life balance, there is more than our passion for translational research. You can check these pointers for a flavor of life quality in Trentino: https://www.visittrentino.info/en; https://www.discovertrento.it/en; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trentino.

CONTACT: For more information, contact Jorge Jovicich (jorge.jovicich [at] unitn.it)



The MRI Methods Group is always interested in internship applications related to implementing, optimizing and/or applying advanced MRI neuroimaging methods that are sensitive quantify structural and functional plasticity of the human brain.

The period of availability and background should be consistent with both learning and applying skills to support ongoing projects. Feel free to contact jorge.jovicich [at] unitn.it


Master and Doctoral Programmes

We are pleased to consider applications from prospective postdocs and students for our international programs:

If interested, please contact Jorge Jovicich by email (jorge dot jovicich at unitn dot it) sending a copy of your CV and a cover letter describing your experience and research interests. Candidates with backgrounds in physics, engineering, programing are preferred.