Post-doc positition available, deadline 14 August 2019

A postdoc position is available in our group

Project title: Neuro-imaging study of the plant-insect interaction via neuro-active substances

Duration: 2+1 year

Application: Expression of interest via albrecht.haase [at] (email) sending a CV, formal application online.

Deadline: 14 August 2019, 12:00 p.m.

Description: Within this project, optical neuro-imaging methods will be used to study the influence of plant-derived neuro-active chemicals on the ant's brain. Protocols for animal preparation and in vivo calcium-imaging by two-photon microscopy will be developed. Morphological and functional plasticity induced by the plant-derived substances will be studied along the entire olfactory pathway from the periphery performing odour coding to higher order brain centres involved in odour identification and evaluation. The project is part of an interdisciplinary collaboration on plant-animal interaction within the project PRIN 2017 entitled "Partner manipulation in plant-insect relationships" CUP n. E64I19000670001 involving plant chemistry and physiology, ethology and neurobiology, transcriptomic and microbial ecology.