The Per2Con people (PI, Post-Doc & PhD)

Manuela Piazza (Principal Investigator)

Manuela is a cognitive neuroscientist interested in the neural computations underlying high-level cognition. Her work currently focusses on how the human brain transforms basic sensory-motor input in abstract representations of concepts. At the University of Trento she is Full Professor and member of the Committee for Recruitment and Career Advancement. She has also been recently appointed member of the Scientific Council of the French "Fyssen Foundation" and of the Scientific Advisory Board of the "Paris Child Brain Institute". Check her Google Scholar profile.

Marie Amalric (Post-Doc Marie-Curie)

Marie is a Global Marie-Curie fellow. Marie's research focuses on how the human brain learns, represents, and manipulates abstract mathematical concepts. Her current project looks at the conceptual changes that occur over the course of math education in children and their neuronal underpinnings using a combination of behavioral and fMRI methods. Check her Google Scholar profile.

Paula Maldonado (Post-Doc EUREGIO)

Paula's research focuses on how the human brain represents quantities and how it performs mental arithmetics. Her current project uses functional and structural MRI to investigate the functional and structural brain changes occurring when adults learn novel arithmetical operations. Check her Google Scholar profile.

Irene Petrizzo (Post-Doc PRIN)

Irene's research focuses on the neuro-cognitive indicators of the functional integrity of the dorsal visual pathway through the use of EEG and psycophysics. She is also interested in their alteration in dyscalculia. Check her Google Scholar profile.

Elena Eccher (PhD student co-supervision with G.Vallortigara)

Elena's PhD project is to investigate the neuro-cognitive bases of the representation of numerosity and the origins of the links between number and space. Her project involves EEG on newborns and infants, as well as behavioural tasks in preschoolers and adults from indigenous oral cultures.

Valerio Rubino (PhD student)

Valerio is interested in learning and abstraction of structural forms. .


Alumni (ex PhD/Post-Doc)​​

  • Alireza Karami PhD (now Post-Doc @ NeuroSpin, FR)
  • Simone Viganò PhD (now Post-Doc @ Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Leipzig, DE)
  • Gisella Decarli PhD (now Post-Doc @ DIPSCo, UNITN, IT)
  • Pedro Pinhero-Chagas PhD (now Assistant Professor @ UCSF, USA)
  • Valentina Borghesani PhD (now Assistant Professor @ University of Geneva, CH)
  • Qing Cai Post-Doc (now Professor @ NYU Shanghai, PRC)
  • Lola DeHevia Post-Doc (now Senior Researcher @ CNRS Paris, FR)
  • Andre Knops Post-Doc (now Senior Researcher @ CNRS Paris, FR)
  • Alessandro Chinello PhD (now Neuropsychologist @ Ospedale Policlinico, Milano, IT)
  • Susanna Revkin PhD (now Clinical Psychologist @ Praxisgemeinschaft Salvatorgasse Wien, A)

Masters and Trainees

Masters: Gabriele Pierguidi, Michela Terzani
Masters: Riccardo Bonafini, Caterina Beltrame, Maria Giovanna Mulas, Ekim Celikai, 
Trainees: Tommaso Ballarini, Federico Graziani
Masters: Carlos Vicente Esteves, Sangyeob Baek, Riccardo Bonafini, Maria Ivanova Gyurovska
Trainees: Tommaso Ballarini, Federico Graziani, Margherita Zocca, Giulia Vigna, Letizia Volpi
Masters: Anna Burato, Cecilia Comoli
Trainees: Rebecca Barbieri
Masters: Donatella Zingaro, Valerio Rubino
Trainees: Jessee Sagoe, Samantha Sartin, Chiara Di Domenico
Masters: Giovanna Lucchini, Antonio DiSoccio
Trainees: Marlen Gironimi, Simone Offer, Arianna Cavagna
Masters: Elena Eccher, Silvia Collazuol, Chiara Nardelli
Trainees: Giulia Sganzerla, Samuele Bolotta, Martina Zanotto, Vittoria Scuderi, Maria Ravera