The Atmospheric Physics Group has been operating since 1996, as a mixed team of both permanent staff and postdocs, doctoral students, undergraduate students and external coworkers (i.e. personnel affiliated to other institutions but keeping ongoing cooperation activities with the Group).

The main research topics focus on atmospheric and climate dynamics, with particular emphasis on phenomena typical of mountain environments, such as flows and boundary layer processes over complex terrain and urban areas.

The Group’s activities include both atmospheric measurements, by means of surface-based and airborne instruments, and numerical modelling.
Research results find application in various fields, such as the assessment of air pollutant transport processes and air quality management , the assessment of renewable energy resources (in particular solar and wind power) and the support to agricultural operations.

The Group activities have been supported by various projects funded by international, national and regional agencies, both from the public and the private sector, and have been often performed in cooperation with partners such as universities, research bodies and technical services of the public administration.

The Group personnel also teaches curricular courses, not only at the University of Trento but also at other Universities, as well as courses offered under other educational initiatives (such as summer schools, training courses, lifelong learning initiatives).