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Teaching and research staff

Rossano Albatici

Full professor of Building Construction. Head of the LBD since 2017.
I graduated in Civil Engineering and I have a PhD in “Engineering for building restoration and technological innovation”.
My research topics include indoor comfort conditions and human health in buildings, eco-climatic design with the use of passive devices for heating and cooling also with the control of ICT tools (building automation), the evaluation of buildings ecological print with LCA and C2C methodologies, and the development of energy-environmental rating systems. 

Digital University - Email: rossano.albatici [at]

Michela Dalprà

Associate professor of Building Construction, I graduated in Environmental and Land Engineering and I have a PhD in “Engineering for building restoration and technological innovation”.
My research topics include restoration and preservation of traditional architecture with particular reference to wooden structures, barrier free design of the building environment, assessment and rating systems for sustainability performance of buildings and, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of buildings

Digital University - Email: michela.dalpra [at]

Antonio Frattari

Antonio Frattari is Professor of Architecture and Engineering.
He was Full Professor from 1986 to 2017 at the Department of Civil, Environmental Engineering at the University of Trento (Italy). He was Associated Professor at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” from 1975 to 1986. He is board member of the International Association for Housing Science (IAHS), member of the International Council for Monument and Sites (ICOMOS), member of Zero Energy Mass Customized Homes (ZEMCH). His main research topics are: Design for All, Sustainable Architecture, Passive Buildings Design, Conservation and Reclamation of Wooden Buildings.
People - Email: antonio.frattari [at]

Technical Staff

Fabio Bernardi

Degree in Civil Building Engineering - University of Padua (1981).
I organize and manage the IT resources of the "Laboratory of Building Design".
Since 1992 I have also taught courses in "Drawing", "CAD" and "Digital Modelling for Architecture" as contract professor and for support activities. 
I have carried out several didactic seminars on CAD at the University of Trento and Milan Polytechnic.
Main research interest: computerized graphical representation of objects, buildings and management of related databases.

Digital University - Email: fabio.bernardi [at]

Paolo Bottura

After obtaining a diploma as Surveyor (geometra), since 1990 I've been working at the University of Trento as technical assistant and computer assistant designer.
My main activities concern:
- technical drawing
- on site building survey and graphic rendering
- layout and editing of books and pamphlets concerning research and didactic activities of the LBD members
- designs and practical tests for the diagnosis of building elements on site

Digital University - Email: paolo.bottura [at]


Grant holders

Barbara Bauer

Graduated in Civil Engineering in 2000, since 2001 I have been working as freelancer in the field of private and public building constructions, with a special focus/interest to/in the wooden structures. Both as a designer and as a director of works, I have always worked with the main goal of the person's well-being and autonomy inside the built environment. In September 2015 I started working within the Laboratory of Building Design of the University of Trento on the research areas of Barrier free and universal design and Human indoor comfort and well-being conditions.
My research topics include people well-being and autonomy inside the built environment, with a special focus on the barrier free design.

Digital University - Email: barbara.bauer [at]

Nicola Callegaro

I graduated in Architecture and Building engineering in 2018. I collaborate with LBD on several projects mainly regarding building control and management system, building sustainability, indoor human comfort and well-being conditions. In particular, I work as a researcher for C.A.S.A. project (Comfort for sustainable living in the Alps).
Passionate about housing, convinced that revolutions don’t start by fighting the state but by presenting the solutions.

Digital University - Email: nicola.callegaro [at]

Valentina D'Alonzo

I graduated in Planning and Environmental Policies at the University IUAV of Venice and, since 2014, I’ve been working as researcher at the Institute for Renewable Energy of Eurac Research (Bolzano) in the team of Urban and Regional Energy Systems. I finished my PhD in 2018 and I'm now waiting to discuss my thesis, while continuing my research activity as grant holder. My fields of activity are regional and urban energy planning, integration of energy issues in the building stock analysis and in local planning process.

Digital University - Email: valentina.dalonzo [at]

Francesco Finotti

Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Trento (2017). Since 2008 teaching to high school students and to teachers of primary and secondary schools of: educational robotics, prototyping of circuits for robotics and sensors; software programming; information technology. Founder and Managing Director of Geo.Ti.La. S.r.l. (2018). The society deals with an over-time physical analysis applied to different environmental issues.
My research interests are mainly focused on prototyping of circuits, robotics, computational physics with particular reference to simulations and data analysis, image processing, 3D drawings..

Digital University - Email: f.finotti [at]

Doctoral Students

Federico Fiume

PhD student, I graduated in Architecture. My studies focus on the bio-architecture design and humanitarian architecture. In particular, on how the design process can improve the final result in terms of consumptions and human health. My PhD project aims to study a new constructive systems for emergency situations that could be fast and smart to create and at the same time adaptive for the long period use. High technology, low consumptions and human health are the principals themes along the entire process, always considering sustainability.  

Digital University - Email: federico.fiume [at]

Marco Lovati

PhD student, I graduated in Architectural Engineering. My research focusses on the design of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics). In particular I am studying the use of techno-economic optimization of BIPV systems in the early stage of the architectural design. My PhD project will produce an open source software to optimize BIPV systems in terms of electricity production, contemporaneity between production and consumption, balance of system components (PV and electric storage) and passive impact of PV devices on the building.  

Digital University - Email: marco.lovati [at]

Simone Torresin

PhD student, I graduated in Building Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan. My PhD project aims at defining methods and tools for an integrated analysis of the indoor environment in residential buildings. These tools and methods will be used for the definition of a “comfort value” function that will enable to compare buildings from an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) perspective.

Digital University - Email: simone.torresin [at]

Stefano Zanon

I graduated in Architecture and Building engineering in 2011. After the degree I have specialized in timber structures, both in the design and construction field, and I had an experience in the international cooperation following a development project funded by FAO in Uganda.
Now I'm working on a the C.A.S.A. project (Comfort for sustainable living in the Alps) which involves building, monitoring and comparing of four low energy dwellings, focusing on users’ inner comfort and its relationship with the buildings main technical features.

Digital University - Email: stefano.zanon [at]