Here follows a brief description of the main tools/equipment present in the LBD that are available to the LBD team as well as graduate and under graduate students:
  • 6 workstations (PC+monitor)
  • hardware for high quality plotting (A1 and A0 ink-jet plotters, color laserjet and black and white laserjet printers, A4 and A3 scanner, slides scanners)
  • software for technical drawing and image processing
  • tools for building surveying, both hardware and software 
  • tools for thermal indoor monitoring: data loggers and probes for air temperature, relative humidity, air speed, local surface temperature, globe-thermal temperature, dew point temperature, thermal flux, lux meter and portable luminance meter
  • portable weather station: data loggers and probes for air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation   
  • tools for wall inner moisture investigation (speedy Moisture Tester and gann hydromette HTR 300)
  • dendrochronology devices: workstation with software and a precision microscope for tree ring analysis
  • Sound level meter for onsite monitoring and detection of acoustic building performance 
  • Thermal camera for onsite thermal survey of buildings and building elements