Alessandro Grecucci, Principal Investigator
Alessandro is the Principal investigator of the Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Lab. He has a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and in Psychotherapy. His research interests combine these two fields, and range from the study of the brain mechanisms behind emotional processing, to the development of new treatment protocols to address psychological disorders (see also

Remo Job, Full Professor
Remo is a Full Professor of Psycholinguistics at Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. His research interests cover psycholinguistics, memory and cognitive processes, neuropsychology of language. 

Bianca MonachesiPost-Doc Researcher
Bianca is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, where she is currently involved in the investigation of neural correlates of sexual objectification. She obtained her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Rome Sapienza (Italy) working on the attentional effects of facial, socio-affective signals processing and on emotional processing and regulation. These topics have been investigated by means of behavioral, eye-tracking, autonomic, functional thermal imaging measures and non-invasive brain stimulation (tDCS).

Edoardo Pappaianni, PhD Candidate
Edoardo is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science. His research interests cover the cognitive and neural aspects of social-emotional processes, with particular focus on moral emotions as shame and guilt. He relies on advanced methods of neuroimaging (particularly MRI-fMRI) and brain stimulation techniques (tDCS) applied to psychopathological and psychiatric diseases. 

Gaia Lapomarda, 3rd Year PhD Student
Gaia is a third year PhD student at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science. She deals with Personality Neuroscience, a new branch of affective neuroscience, investigating the mechanisms involved in emotion regulation in healthy and psychiatric populations. To do this, she relies on MRI and EEG techniques.  

Sara Sorella, 2nd Year PhD Student
Sara is a second year PhD student at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science. In the CLI.A.N. Lab, she had the chance to integrate her neuroscientific, clinical and mindfulness studies. She is interested in how emotions (anger in particular) are altered in different clinical disorders, and how these conditions can be improved by regulation strategies, especially with mindfulness-based treatments. She relies on neuroimaging methods (MRI) and brain stimulation techniques (tDCS).

Zafer Ciftci
Zafer is a second year Master student at the Center for Mind Brain Sciences (CIMEC) at the University of Trento Master's course in Cognitive Science. His research interests are based on applying advances neuroimaging methods to the study of emotional processes in normal and abnormal populations.

Jennifer Consolini
Jennifer recently graduated at the University of Trento Master's course in Psychology-Neuroscience. She is currently practicing the professional internship that will allow her to obtain the title of psychologist. 
In particular, she is now working on several research projects that investigate the application of neuroimaging and brain stimulation methods in relation to emotional processes.

Chiara Orsini
Chiara is a graduated Psychology Master student at University of Trento. Her main research interest is emotion processing in clinical groups, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She focused on the coordinate-based meta-analytic approach.


External collaborators

Paola Feraco, Neuroradiologist
Paola is Neuroradiologist at Santa Chiara Hospital of Trento. Moreover she is currently completing her PhD in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology at University of Bologna in the field of advanced MRI techniques applies to brain tumors diagnosis. Her main research interests are in the field of diagnostic and advanced Neuroimaging (MR-Spectroscopy and  brain morphometry) applied to chronic pain, emotions and neurodegenerative diseases.

Valentina Galetto, Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist
Valentina is currently working at the "Neurology service of the University Hospital Carémeau", in Nimes (France), dealing with the assessment of the neurocognitive profile of brain injured subjects, as well as their psychological support, also through psychotherapy. Her main research interests cover the mechanisms of emotional processing in brain injured subjects.

Irene Messina, Associate Professor of Dynamic Psychology and Psychotherapist 
Irene is Associate Professor at Universitas Mercatorum (Rome, Italy). Moreover, she is Research Associate at the Department of Psychiatry III, University of Ulm (Germany). Her main research interests are affective neuroscience (neural correlates of emotion regulation, psychopathology and psychological treatments) and psychotherapy research. 

Luca Piretti, Post-Doc Researcher
Luca was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at University of Bologna (Italy) and he obtained his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at SISSA (Trieste, Italy). His main research interest is the investigation of social semantic memory in patients with neurological and neurosurgical diseases, using structural and functional MRI.

Roma Siugzdaite, Research Associate 
Roma is a Research Associate at MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). Her main research interests are: 1) to understand the mechanisms and principles of typically or atypically developing brain systems; 2) to identify the potential mechanism of resilience in children from low SES families.



Lab's students

Giulia Gandini, Master thesis

Letizia Amodeo, Master thesis

Matteo Zampieri, Master thesis

Beatrice Inverardi, Master thesis

Josephine Arthur, Master thesis


Pietro Fanton, Internship

Anna Burato, Internship

Gabriele Penazzi, Internship

Mattia Palumbo, Internship

Fausta Onofrio, Internship

Hüseyin SığırcıInternship



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