-Neurocognitive mechanisms of emotions. The main objective of this field is to uncover the psychological and neural mechanisms by which individuals perceive and regulate their emotions. Emotion regulation is important for good mental health and failures of such regulation are associated with many neurological and psychopathological conditions.

-Artitificial intelligence methods to decode brain activity. This area refers to the study of how machine learning methods (IA) can be usefully applied to 1) predict emotional and cognitive abilities from brain features; B) develop biomarkers of psychological disorders

-Neurocognitive mechanisms of psychologic disorders and their treatment. This area aims at discovering the neural bases of psychopathology (anxiety, schizophrenia, personality and mood disorders), and how to develop new treatments based on affective neuroscience findings. To study these topics, I exploit up to date neuroimaging techniques (MRI, EEG, MEG, tDCS), and the assessment of psychiatric and neurological patients.