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Design Research Lab is an applied research centre created from the combined initiative of the University of Trento, Confindustria Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, and the Pavoniano Artigianelli Institute. The DRLab team offers the territory its service design and advanced training opportunities, making available design skills and knowledge that are crucial for innovating today’s products and services.
DRLab partners are both private and public businesses and organizations that, through action and support, wish to deal with certain issues in their business, from the quality of their actions regarding products and services to the dialogue between education and business, including methodologies for planning good public policies on development.
The DRLab works in the context of transitioning from the economy of the product to the economy of services and knowledge. For this reason, we identify the framework in the strategic guidance that we provide to the Trentino territory in the Autonomous Region of Trento. DRLab uses the European recommendations for design to promote local development.
DRLab promotes Service Design as a strategic stimulus for economic and civil growth in Trentino and has made its mission that of facilitating the transferring and application of knowledge regarding productive and educational systems as well as public policies in Trentino.
DRLab operates through integrated projects that act in three sectors of the Trentino system: economic, educational, and public policies. DRLab proposes the following methodoligies and projects to:
  • support public and private entities and associations working towards the development of synergy in the areas of research, training, administration, and technological transfer;
  • support public and private entities and associations working towards the development of areas of leadership in Trentino;
  • support the development of the culture and industry of service design.
| Educational

Integrating the world of training with economics, through the development of new design-based formats, is crucial to guaranteeing the territory the didactic innovation that it needs.


Educational system projects

| Production

The system of services is a sector in constant expansion, and service logic is now recognized to be essential to all production sectors in order to ensure high quality across the board.


Production system projects

| Public policies

The innovation of designing good public policies is necessary to contribute to the growth of the best ecosystem for both economic and civil development.


Public policies system projects

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The University of Trento is organising a selection procedure based on qualifications and possible interview for no. 2 Research Fellowship Positions (assegno per collaborazione ad attività di ricerca) at the Design Research Lab - Department of Humanities.

Click here for more information about the selection with deadline 27 February 2019.

Click here for more information about the selection with deadline 6 March 2019.







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