▶︎ Educational

Integrating the world of training with economics, through the development of new design-based formats, is crucial to guaranteeing the territory the didactic innovation that it needs.


| Are you
a designer?
DRLab offers a series of workshops on the most important skills in the profession under the guidance of experts. The goal of the workshops is to contribute to the training of new professional skills to support economic development.


| DRLab
DRLab offers a series of seminars on the most current issues on the study field of Design Research with the goal of supporting a new perspective and promoting awareness in theoretical and practical terms throughout the territory.


| Service Design for
School-Work Alternation Project
The first of its kind, this project operated with the goal of integrating the School-Work Alternation Project at the Buonarroti-Pozzo Institute in Trento so that businesses and institutions could become effective partners with scholastic institutes in Trentino.


▶︎ Production

The system of services is a sector in constant expansion, and service logic is now recognized to be essential to all production sectors in order to ensure high quality across the board.


| Service Design for
DRLab worked with Trilogis Srl on the “MDO-Manuale dell’opera” project, a digital tool for optimizing management in terms of time and achievement for all the documentation for a residence.


| Service Design for
il Pantrentino
In collaboration with Associazione Panificatori, DRLab worked on redefining and implementing the complex production and sales system of Pantrentino, utilizing the DRLab format called Design Studio.



▶︎ Public policies

The innovation of designing good public policies is necessary to contribute to the growth of the best ecosystem for both economic and civil development.


| Service Design for
Monte Bondone
DRLab collaborates with the grass-roots association Proloco Monte Bondone, an interesting biotope for the Alpine peat bog and respective botanic endemisms that it conserves, on the “Activity Book” project for sustainable territorial innovation.


| Design encounters for 
School-Work Alternation Project
In collaboration with the Buonarroti-Pozzo Institute and Iprase del Trentino, DRLab introduces Service Design in the team of leaders who deal with the proper functioning of the innovation of the complex School-Work Alternation ecosystem.




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