Dionysos Lab encourages and coordinates scientific and didactic activities regarding ancient theatre and its tradition in European culture, within a wide range of prestigious cultural institutions both national and international, such as theatres, universities, research centers, libraries and museums. 

The main part of this laboratory consists of a digital archive of the ancient theatre. The archive currently consists of more than 500 detailed data sheets which record ancient Greek and Roman plays that have been performed throughout the years 1948-2016 in Italy. This archive is the first one compiled in Italy, and it is continuously expanding as new performances are found.

This laboratory also contains a digital archive of manuscripts and printed editions of ancient dramas from the sixteenth century to nowadays, an archive for videos and films inspired by ancient dramas, as well as several catalogues, reviews and essays.

Many didactic and seminar-activities are also promoted by Dionysos laboratory. The purpose is to give the academic population (e.g., undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professors) the opportunity to be involved in the studies both of the ancient theater itself and of its revival in the modern and contemporary era.