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Permanent seminar “Mario Untersteiner”

Periodic activities are organized by our Laboratory. The seminar entitled “Mario Untersteiner” has been taking regularly place since 2009 with the collaboration of the Comune of Rovereto.
It is dedicated to promote the Untersteiner's Library and Archive, a unique collection of volumes and manuscripts largely unpublished and given to the “G. Tartarotti” Library in Rovereto by Mario Untersteiner's heirs.
The activities of the "Mario Untersteiner" Seminar include academic meetings, conference, and events (public debates, recitals, performances, etc.) dedicated to the themes and figures of Greek culture and mythology and to their  influence on contemporary culture. Our aim is to bring audience, in particular young people and students, closer to ancient theater. 



Mario Untersteiner (1899-1981)



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