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Our new book (in Italian, "Le neuroscienze cognitive", Carocci 2023), a small introductory text to the cognitive neuroscience scientific field (co-authored by Manuela Piazza and Francesco Pavani), was nicely mentioned by one of the most important pillar of cognitive science in Italy, professor Paolo Legrenzi, in a recent article of his on the newspaper Il Sole24 Ore, and highlighted in the Italian Mag of Pop Psychology and Neuroscience Mind - mente & cervello.

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Our research on dyscalculia has been highlighted on the UNITN magazine.

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Our recent paper: "The neural representation of absolute direction during mental navigation in conceptual spaces", by Viganò, Rubino, Buiatti, & Piazza, published in 2021, in Communications biology4(1), 1-7, was highlighted by:


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