Upcoming Events

Brown Bag Seminar/DRSS - 26 March
Jan Van Bavel(KU Leuven)

Brown Bag Seminar - 3 April
Marc Swyngedouw(KU Leuven)

Selected Publication

Handbook on in-work poverty

Edited by Henning Lohmann, University of Hamburg, Germany and Ive Marx, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

There has been a rapid global expansion of academic and policy attention focusing on in-work poverty, illustrating that across the world there are increasing numbers of people who could be described as the 'working poor' [more]

Ugo Trivellato, Il Welfare del Trentino tra impegno riformatore e avvisaglie di controriforma, Menabò di Etica e Economia n. 77


Our Mission

The CSIS research unit operates in the framework of the general strategies of the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento. Its main objective is the promotion and coordination of initiatives of theoretically driven empirical research, focusing on social Inequalities, their relation to institutions and their change over time and across generations.

We apply a comparative and interdisciplinary approach dealing with the analysis of the distribution and the perception of inequalities in the following fields:

  • welfare and the political system
  • employment and the labour market
  • families and demographic change
  • education

We aim at: