News & Events

11 Apr Brown Bag Seminar Steffen Schindler (Bamberg) on Educational upgrading and labor market inequality by social origin

12 Apr Euregio Ring Seminar with Gaia Ghirardi (EUI) and Wilfred Uunk (Innsbruck)

Selected Recent Publications

Gioachin, F., & Zamberlan, A. (2024). Breaking Barriers or Persisting Traditions? Fertility histories, occupational achievements, and inter-generational mobility of Italian women. Sociological Science.

Ferraretto, V., Vitali, A., & Billari, F. C. (2024). Leaving the parental home during the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of Southern Europe. Advances in Life Course Research.

Barbieri, P., Cutuli, G., & Scherer, S. (2024). In-work poverty in Western Europe. A longitudinal perspective. European Societies.

Scherer, S. & Brini, E. (2023). Employment Instability and Childbirth over the Last 20 Years in Italy. European Journal of Population. 

Cutuli, G., & Tomelleri, A. (2023). Returns to digital skills use, temporary employment, and trade unions in European labour markets. European Journal of Industrial Relations

Grotti, R. & Passaretta, G. (2023). Intragenerational wage mobility and social disadvantage: A comparative study of West Germany and the United States. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

Scherer, S. & Pavolini, E. (2023). Equalizing or not? Public childcare and women’s labour market participation. Journal of European Social Policy.


Our Mission

The CSIS research unit operates in the framework of the general strategies of the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento. Its main objective is the promotionof theoretically driven empirical research, focusing on social Inequalities, their relation to institutions and their change over time and across generations. The research unit is coordinated by Prof. Paolo Barbieri. 

We apply a comparative and interdisciplinary approach dealing with the analysis of the distribution and the perception of inequalities in the following fields:

  • Welfare and the political system
  • Employment and the labour market
  • Families and demographic change
  • Education

We aim at:

  • strengthen the intra- and interdisciplinary cooperation among social experts dealing with the above topics, at local, national and above all international level, also with the objective of favouring the development and the dissemination of innovative methodologies in the field of social research;
  • activate and consolidate a network of national and international relationships, on the basis of the already ongoing cooperations
  • provide skills and knowledge acquired throughout the research activities to the interested stakeholders (Departments, Centres, public institutions and private organisations);
  • organise seminars for students, PhD students, professors, social parts and citizens;