12th MAY - University of Trento, Department of Sociology and Social Research - Aula Kessler

call for young scholars  

Organization committee 

Gabriele Ballarino, Paolo Barbieri, Ivano Bison, Barbara Ongari, Stefani Scherer, Antonio Schizzerotto, Cristiano Vezzoni 
contact us here:    stefani.scherer [at] 

Final Programme

MORNING SESSION, 9:00-12:50a

9:00  Welcome address Mario Diani, Head of the Department Sociology and Social Research, Trento 

Introduction: Paolo Barbieri (University of Trento),  Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan)

9:20  Keynote I

Harry Ganzeboom (Amsterdam Universtiy, NL) Validity and Reliability of Detailed and Crude Occupation Measures

10:00 Testimonial I

Antonio Schizzerotto (University of Trento & Irvapp): The third wave of mobility research reaching Italy and the contribution of Hans Schadee

10:20 Keynote II

Cees van der Eijk (Nottingham University, UK): Elections in Europe  

+++ COFFEE BREAK 11:00- 11:30 +++

11:30 Testimonial II

Paolo Segatti (University of Milan): Hans Schadee’s  contributions to Italian political science: unconditional curiosity and theory driven intellectual style

11:50 Testimonials III  

Piergiorgio Corbetta (University of Bologna) & Arturo Parisi: Arrival in Italia -  Hans Schadee a Bologna

12:20 Keynote III

Richard Tremblay (Montreal):  The development of violent behavior: From Civic Communities to Epigenetics


++++ social LUNCH BUFFET 13:00-14:00  +++


14:00 Testimonials IV & Papers & Discussions

Uberto Gatti (University of Genova),
Ilvo Diamanti (Urbino University)
Paolo Barbieri (University of Trento)
Ruud Luijkx (Tilburg University) 
Barbara Ongari (University of Trento)
Lorenzo DeSio (LUISS)
Ivano Bison (University of Trento)
Cristiano Vezzoni (University of Trento) 
Jose' Van Puffelen
Francesca Gleria (Provincia Autonoma di Trento)
Valerio Libralato
Flavia Valentini (University of Trento)
Luisa Saviori (University of Trento) 
Stefano Petrolini (Kaleidoscopio) 
Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan)
Asher Colombo (University of Bologna)
Sergio Maset (Tolomeo Studi e Ricerche di Treviso)
Cinzia Meraviglia (University of Milan)
Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi (University of Milan)
Nazareno Panichella (University of Milan)
Moris Triventi (EUI)


Conclusions  Hans Schadee 

DINNER 20:00 


13th May ore 10:00- 18:00: Riunione di ricerca e revisione atti di convegno - University of Trento, Department of Sociology and Social Research



Department of Sociology and Social Research, via Verdi 26, Trento, Italy.
The Departments of Sociology and Social Research is located in the heart of  the historic city centre of Trento, just a short walk from the Cathedral (Piazza Duomo) and 10 minutes walk from the railway station. Nearby parking areas are: San Severino and Lung’Adige.

How to reach us:

By plane:

  • Nearest Airports: Verona, Milan (Bergamo), Bozen, Venice

By car - coming from:

  • North and South: A22 motorway exit "Trento sud" or “Trento nord”, national way Abetone or Brennero
  • Venice: Valsugana national way
  • Brescia: 45/bis national way, Gardesana Occidentale

You should always follow signs to “Trento centro”.

By train:

  • Verona/Brennero railway
  • Valsugana railway

The train station is about 15 minutes away from the Department, by foot.
From the station you walk along via Pozzo, via Cavour, through the Duomo Square and then turn right into via Verdi.

A map can be found here:

Further Information

The Trentino Region has many interesting monuments scattered all around the territory: museums, castles and attractions. Visit:

To find out more about the town of Trento visit: or