Open access there is no other way forward (from the perspective of the European Commission)

Open Science is a systemic transition of science system which affects the way

  • research is performed
  • knowledge is shared/diffused/preserved
  • research projects/results are evaluated
  • research is funded
  • researchers are rewarded
  • future researchers are trained

By 2030 one can assume that the science system to be:

• Completely data driven (AI!)
• With open research data as a renewable resource for research and innovation (via EOSC)
• Full & immediate open access to the whole life cycle of a research process
• ‘’liquid’’ science (like in SW development)
• Multiple ways to measure and reward scientific productivity and impact

By 2030 Independent Quality assurance via peer review will still be the core mechanism to progress science

The Open Research Europe publishing platform

• Help H2020 beneficiaries and their researchers comply with the open access mandate without paying APCs during and after the grant
• Improve uptake of OA in H2020
• Promote OA as THE mode for publishing from now on
• Support open science and lead by example

  • Early sharing of research (pre-prints + peer-reviewed articles)
  • Open peer-review+ post publication commenting
  • New generation metrics

• Explore business models in OA publishing and sustainability
• Tenders are under evaluation