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Principal Investigator

Jorge Jovicich, M.Sc., Ph.D

With a background in physics my interest is in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisition and analysis methods. In particular, I am interested in pushing the limits of the possible quantitative information that can be extracted from human brains using MRI. Topics of interest include: geometric accuracy, functional specificity, spatial/temporal resolution, reliability, information in temporal signal dynamics.

Email: jorge.jovicich [at]
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Ludovico Minati, Ph.D. C.Eng. C.Phys. C.Sci.

My current research focus is resting-state brain connectivity and dynamics, with an eye to clinical application in early diagnosis of neurodegenerative dementias. I strongly believe that the power of resting-state functional MRI can be massively improved through the development of better data analysis approaches, predicated on a solid theoretical understanding of brain dynamics (i.e. going beyond linear correlation). In order to attain the required level of understanding, usage of a multi-scale approach is essential, and my approach is to search for scale-invariant features that can be found at the macro-scale (in entire brains, in-vivo), at the meso-scale (in cell cultures, in-vitro) and at the micro-scale (in networks of electronic chaotic oscillators, in-silico). With respect to the third aspect in particular, I have recently focused on studying self-organization and phase transitions in rings of chaotic oscillators, implemented via single-transistor circuits, field-programmable analog arrays as well as on a dedicated silicon device. My work also includes data pre-processing and acceleration of connectivity computation via dedicated hardware platforms, and studying the inter-site reproducibility of measurements derived from resting-state functional MRI.

Email: lminati [at]   Webpage


Domenico Zacà, Ph.D.

I am investigating data acquisition and analysis methods to improve the sensitivity and specificity of high field MRI brain structural and functional imaging. Examples of these include gaining a better contrast between cerebral tissues and reducing distortions in anatomical MR brain images and defining new ways to retrospectively assess head motion in anatomical scans. I am interested as well into investigating methods to obtain new cognitive and physiological information from resting state fMRI data both in healthy and clinical populations.

Email: domenico.zaca [at]      CV     Webpage


Rocco Marchitelli, Ph.D. CandidateRocco Marchitelli

I am interested in the optimization of resting-state BOLD-fMRI acquisition and analysis protocols to improve the reliability of intrinsic brain activity patterns. I am currently investigating how different strategies of physiological noise correction methods affect the test-retest reliability of the human Default Mode Network. For this I am using a cohort of healthy elderly subjects from a European Alzheimer's disease 3T multisite study (PharmaCog Project). I am also investigating the influence that head movemets have on the reliability of functional connectivity in young adults under different acquisition protocols and head motion correction strategies.

Email: Rocco.Marchitelli [at]  CV

Chiara Maffei, Ph.D. Candidate

I completed my B.A. in Communication Sciences at the University of Verona, followed by a M.Sc. at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences supervised by Dr. Gabriele Miceli (Thesis title: Delimiting the borders of Pure Word Deafness: a single case study), which included a short stay internship at NatBrainLab in London working with Dr. Marco Catani and colleagues. I am now a PhD student (cycle 2014-2017) at the MRI Methods Group .

I am interested in the development and evaluation of diffusion MRI methods that can characterize the human auditory system. This area is particularly challenging due to the small dimension of some of the subcortical fibres and the anatomical characteristics of the acoustic radiation. 

Email: Chiara.Maffei [at]   CV


Angela Albi, M.Sc. Candidate

I completed my B.A. in Science and Technology of Cognitive Psychology at University of Trento, where I also had my internship in Prof. David Melcher's Active Perception Lab, working on experiments that investigate the construction of perceptual space-time (ERC CoPeST). I have two different experiences at Maastricht University, where I was a research assistant at the Neuropsychology department, in collaboration with Neurology and Neurosurgery department, with the supervision of Dr. Annelien Duits, investigating various aspects of Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease.

I am now an MSc student involved in a project at MRI Methods Group learning DTI preprocessing and aiming to perform free-water tensor modelling. My current goal is to improve my abilities in the methodological aspects of neuroimaging techniques, more specifically in magnetic resonance imaging.

Email: angela.albi [at]   CV

Research Collaborators

MRI Lab Staff

  • MRI Laboratory Head: Jorge Jovicich
  • Physician responsible for safety: Nivedita Agarwal
  • Medical Physicist responsible for safety: Nicola Pace
  • Radiographers
    • Manuela Orsini
    • Giulia Fratti
    • Angela Serafin
  • Physicians present during human scans
    • Claudio Boninsegna
    • Francesco Donato
    • Francesca Zapinni
  • Technical Staff: Pietro Chiesa
  • Administrative support: Valeria Nencini
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Emeritus Consultant

Srrrbd Haanz Zbgyev B.D.

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Previous Members

  • Postdoctoral fellows
    • Sara Assecondi (01/11/2009 - 01/11/2011)
    • Pan Lin (01/08/2007 - 30/01/2011)
    • Simon Robinson (<01/10/2006 - 30/06/2009)
    • Marco Buiatti (01/01/2007 - 31/12/2009)
  • Students
    • Barbara Kreilkamp (M.Sc. student, 2013-2014)
    • Tawfik Moher Alsady (M.Sc. student, 2012-2013)
    • Pouya Ghaemmaghami (M.Sc. student, 2012-2013)
    • Nicola Soldati (M.Sc. and Ph.D. student, 2007-2012)
    • Francesca Maule (M.Sc. student, 2009-2010)
    • Javier Kreiner (M.Sc. student, 2009-2010)
    • Christian Valt (M.Sc. Student, 2008-2009)
    • Andrea Mognon (M.Sc. student, 2007-2008)
  • MRI Staff
    • Paolo Ferrari (2005 - 2015)
    • Raffaella Di Giacopo (2014 - 2015)
    • Frabrizio Pallaver (2010 - 2013)
    • Hanna Liisa Inkala (2008 - 2013)
    • Jens Schwarzbach (2006 - 2012)
    • Nico Dario Papinutto (2005 - 2012)
    • Gianpaolo Basso (2006 - 2011)