Below you can find some info on professional and/or educational opportunities at CIMeC/University of Trento.


  • The Learning & Decision Making lab at CIMeC currently does not have any open position for PhDs or postdocs. For PhD, however, there are other groups you can work with, as CIMeC/University of Trento offers a 4-years doctoral program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. The doctoral school starts every year in October and there are about a dozen places available.


  • We welcome Bachelor or Master's students in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Economics or similar disciplines looking for a research internship opportunity to spend a research period in our lab. Interested students should do the following: 1) visit this page and read the information 2) fill in the online application 3) contact Doris Pischedda for an informal first contact. This page contains a list of other internship opportunities with other labs at CIMeC.


  • The University of Trento and CIMeC jointly organize a Master's program in Cognitive Science, which starts every year in September. This year, the deadline to apply is 20 February 2018. The program accepts motivated students from a wide variety of backgrounds.


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