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Principal Investigator

Albrecht Haase

I am interested in fundamental processes underlying reception, information coding, processing, and learning. Being a physicist by formation, I am especially attracted by two aspects in these fields: exploring the overlap between neuroscience and physics, where functional processes can be tested regarding possible underlying fundamental mechanisms (e.g. proposed by quantum biology) and the application of experimental techniques which go beyond standard neuroscience approaches (nonlinear microscopy, all optical stimulation/readout). My team is formed by neuroscientists, biologists, engineers, and physicists that like to work in an interdisciplinary environment on a variety of questions to be tested in small brain models.

albrecht.haase [at]



Amelie Cabirol

I am interested in the relationship between brain structure, function, and learning capacities. I also want to understand how variability in these parameters can affect the group success in social insects, in particular in honey bees. During my PhD, I focused on experience-dependent plasticity in brain structure and olfactory learning capacities. In my current research, I investigate the sublethal effects of neonicotinoids on olfactory processing and learning using in-vivo calcium imaging. These effects might be responsible for the decline observed in bee populations as they rely on sophisticated cognitive skills to collect food in the environment.

amelie.cabirol [at]                                  Download CV        


Ettore Tiraboschi

I'm a biologist with experience in the field of biology and pharmacology of psychiatric disorders, neuronal plasticity, and Epilepsy. I'm interested in shifting my point of view from the biological aspects of neuroscience towards the study of the mechanisms underlying cognitive functions of the brain.



ettore.tiraboschi [at]                                 Download CV


Florencia Scarano

I am interested in perception, in how neural circuits process sensory information and govern behaviours. I like to study how behaviours are shaped by ecological and evolutionary factors, and how stimuli in the environment affect sensory capabilities and neural circuits of different animals. In my previous research, I did behavioural experiments, electrophysiological intracellular recordings and morphological reconstruction of neurons in order to study visual processing of movements in crabs. Currently, I am studying ant-plant interactions. By using optical neuro-imaging methods I study the influence of plant-derived neuroactive chemicals on the olfactory pathway in the ant’s brain.

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PhD students

Mirko Zanon

I have a physics background, oriented to biological applications and imaging techniques in living samples. I am developing methods to study neural network dynamics in Apis mellifera via optogenetics.



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Luca Del Torre

I got to Neuroscience after a Master in Experimental Physics discovering, that a quantitative and technological background can be very useful in this field. I like interdisciplinary environments because they offer continuous opportunities to discover new things collaborating with other people. I’m fascinated by the complexity of neuronal mechanisms and convinced that it is of high value to study them in relatively simple organisms, like insects, and with good control of the input variables of the sensory systems. I’m developing a setup to study the honeybee visual system and magnetoreception.

luca.deltorre [at]               Download CV


Master's students

Mukilan Deivarajan Suresh





m.deivarajansuresh [at]


Sarah Chehaimi





sarah.chehaimi [at]


Simone Monachino





simone.monachino [at]



are welcome!



Renzo Antolini - External consultant, former Head of the Biophysics and Biosignals Laboratory, Department of Physics

Giorgio Vallortigara - Animal Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory, CIMeC

Paolo Macchi - Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, CIBIO

Anna Cereseto - Laboratory of Molecular Virology, CIBIO

Sergio Angeli - Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Paolo Fontana, Valeria Malagnini - Plant protection and biodiversity in agriculture or forestry unit, Fond. E. Mach, Pergine (TN)

Gianfranco Anfora - Centre Agriculture, Food, and Environment (C3A)  and Chemical Ecology research group, Fond. E. Mach, S. Michele all'Adige (TN)

Mauro Mandrioli - Digital Agriculture Laboratory, University of Modena

Martin Beye - Institute for Evolutionary Genetics, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Jean-Christophe Sandoz - Evolbee Research Team (Evolution, Genomes, Behavior and Ecology), Centre National de 'la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France

Paul Szyszka - Department of Zoology, University of Otago, New Zealand

Giovanni Galizia - Neurobiology group, University of Konstanz, Germany

Nathan Weisz -  Salzburg Brain Dynamics Lab, University of Salzburg, Austria

Luca Turin - Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research (IFBR), BSRC Alexander Fleming, Vari, Greece


Macro Paoli - Post Doc

now Post Doc at University of Konstanz, Germany, in the Neurobiology group of Giovanni Galizia

Anna Eriksson - Post Doc

now at the Communication Group at Fondazione Mach Research and Innovation Centre

Mara Andrione - PhD student

now PostDoc at IMP - Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria, with Manuel Zimmer

Elisa Rigosi - Post Doc

now PostDoc at the Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden, in the Functional zoology group

Angela Albi - Master's student

now PhD student at the International Max Planck Research Schools for Organismal Biology in Konstanz, Germany, with Iain Couzin

Paolo Guerra - Master's student

now PhD student at University of Groningen, Netherlands, in the Molecular Systems Biology group of Matthias Heinemann

Ben Timberlake - Master's student

now PhD student at the CIMeC Doctoral School in the group of Giorgio Coricelli

Giulia Zanini - Master's student

now PhD student at the Department of Physics, University of Genova/ Italian Institute of Technology in the group of Alberto Diaspro

Anna Archetti - Master's student

now PhD student in the Doctoral Program in Photonics, EFPL Lausanne, Switzerland, in the group of Suliana Manley

Damiano Zanini - Post Doc

now Post Doc at the University of Würzburg, Institute of Neurobiology and Genetics, in the group of Charlotte Förster

Virginia Belloni - Post Doc

Quentin Baudouin - Post Doc

Miriam Nodari - Master's student

Sara Bariselli - Master's student

Marco Zanoli - Master's student

Martina Puppi - Master's student

Zahid Safraz - Master's student

Marie Fayolle - Intern

Francesko Molla - Intern

Gianluca Morciano - Intern

Sofia Micheletti - Intern

Daniele Rama - Intern

Ylenia Fratini - Intern

Sofia Rossi - Intern