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Principal Investigator

Albrecht Haase

I am interested in fundamental processes underlying reception, information coding, processing, and learning. Being a physicist by formation, I am especially attracted by two aspects in these fields: exploring the overlap between neuroscience and physics, where functional processes can be tested regarding possible underlying fundamental mechanisms (e.g. proposed by quantum biology) and the application of experimental techniques which go beyond standard neuroscience approaches (nonlinear microscopy, all optical stimulation/readout). My team is formed by neuroscientists, biologists, engineers, and physicists that like to work in an interdisciplinary environment on a variety of questions to be tested in small brain models.

albrecht.haase [at]



Florencia Scarano

I am interested in perception, in how neural circuits process sensory information and govern behaviours. I like to study how behaviours are shaped by ecological and evolutionary factors, and how stimuli in the environment affect sensory capabilities and neural circuits of different animals. In my previous research, I did behavioural experiments, electrophysiological intracellular recordings and morphological reconstruction of neurons in order to study visual processing of movements in crabs. Currently, I am studying ant-plant interactions. By using optical neuro-imaging methods I study the influence of plant-derived neuroactive chemicals on the olfactory pathway in the ant’s brain.

florencia.scarano [at]                                 Download CV


Claire Duménil

I am a biologist working towards developing sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to protect crops and people from pest insects. My research interests are broad but currently revolve around understanding species interactions, notably how insects perceive their environment. I like to explore how the insect brain processes complex odours and enables insects to locate food and mates while avoiding danger. During my PhD I specialised in electrophysiology, namely single sensillum recording to study how the olfactory system encodes complex fruit odours in the Spotted Wing Drosophila. I now pursue the study using the latest optical and genetics tools and further explore how the system behaves under external pressure such as pesticides.

claire.dumenil [at]                                       Download CV


PhD students

Alan Oesterle

alansven.oesterle [at]

Master's students

Heather Nicole Strelevitz

heather.strelevitz [at]







are welcome for projects of at least 6 months

Federico Antonio Giacomazzi (University of Verona)

federicoantonio.giacomazzi [at]







Renzo Antolini - External consultant, former Head of the Biophysics and Biosignals Laboratory, Department of Physics

Uri Hasson - Information and Integration lab, CIMeC

Giorgio Vallortigara - Animal Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory, CIMeC

Graziano Guella - Bio-organic Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Physics

Sergio Angeli - Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Paolo Fontana, Valeria Malagnini - Plant protection and biodiversity in agriculture or forestry unit, Fond. E. Mach, Pergine (TN)

Gianfranco Anfora - Centre Agriculture, Food, and Environment (C3A)  and Chemical Ecology research group, Fond. E. Mach, S. Michele all'Adige (TN)

Martin Beye - Institute for Evolutionary Genetics, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Julie Carcaud, Jean-Christophe Sandoz - Evolbee Research Team (Evolution, Genomes, Behavior and Ecology), Centre National de 'la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France

Paul Szyszka - Department of Zoology, University of Otago, New Zealand

Giovanni Galizia - Neurobiology group, University of Konstanz, Germany

Luca Turin - University of Buckingham, UK

Stefano Mancuso - International Laboratory of  Plant Neurobiology, University of Firenze

Franco Faoro - Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Landscape, Agroenergy, University of Milano

Donato Antonio Grasso - Myrmecology Lab, Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, University of Parma

Massimo Nepi - Department of Life Sciences, University of Siena

Riccardo Cabassi, Roberto Verucchi, Franca Albertini Albertini - CNR Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism

Ilia A. Solov'yov - Quantum Biology and Computational Physics Group, University of Oldenburg, Germany



Ettore Tiraboschi - Postdoc

Amelie Cabirol - Postdoc

now Postdoc at the University of Lausanne in the Department of Fundamental Microbiology with Philipp Engel

Marco Paoli - Postdoc

now MSCA Fellow at CRCA/CNRS Toulouse

Damiano Zanini - Postdoc

now Postdoc at the University of Würzburg, Institute of Neurobiology and Genetics, in the group of Charlotte Förster

Anna Eriksson - Postdoc

now at the Communication Group at Fondazione Mach Research and Innovation Centre

Elisa Rigosi - PhD student/ Postdoc

Brain-behavioural olfactory asymmetries in Apoidea. (2013)

now Researcher at the Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden, in the Functional zoology group

Virginia Belloni - Postdoc

Quentin Baudouin - Postdoc

Sebastian Moguilner - Postdoc

Luca Del Torre - PhD student

Mirko Zanon - PhD student

Implementation of an all-optical setup for insect brain optogenetic stimulation and two-photon functional imaging (2020)

now Postdoc at CIMeC with Giorgio Vallortigara

Mara Andrione - PhD student

Olfactory representation in the honey bee antennal lobe: Investigations on a filter’s functions and dysfunctions. (2016)

now Postdoc at IMP - Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria, with Manuel Zimmer

Neloy Kumar Chakroborty - Visiting scientist

now at Thapar School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, TIET, Patiala, Punjab

Matteo Franceschi - Master's student

Development of a new platform for automated insect conditioning experiments (2021)

Luana Leonardelli - Master's student from the University of Bologna

In vivo honeybee brain imaging to study the olfactory system’s role in the processing of mechanosensory information (2021)

Nicola Calliari - Master's student

Object segmentation and recognition techniques for synapse counting in 3D super-resolution imaging (2021)

Simone Monachino - Master's student

Fundamental mechanisms of sensory information processing: functional and effective connectivity of olfactory coding (2020)

Mukilan Deivarajan Suresh - Master's student

Olfactory modulation of defensive behaviour in honey bees (2020)

now PhD student at the University of Edinburgh

Gianluca Segata - Master's student

Tracking bee antenna motions to test brain lateralization (2020)

Sarah Chehaimi - Master's student

A quantitative analysis of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) queens' vibro-acoustic communication (2020)

Mohammadreza Soltanipour - Master's student from SISSA

Information theoretic measures of tactile decisions in the rat barrel cortex (2020)

Miriam Nodari - Master's student

Analysis of dynamics and connectivity in the olfactory system of the honey bee brain (2019)

Sara Bariselli - Master's student

A new genetic approach to perform calcium imaging in apis mellifera olfactorycenters (2019)

Anita Girelli

Protein interactions and cluster formation in presence of multivalent ions (2018)

Angela Albi - Master's student

Calcium imaging analysis of spatial and temporal coding of odorants in the honeybee brain (2016)

now PhD student at the International Max Planck Research Schools for Organismal Biology in Konstanz, Germany, with Iain Couzin

Paolo Guerra - Master's student

Development of an all-optical setup for optogenetics experiments (2016)

PhD from University of Groningen, Netherlands, in the Molecular Systems Biology group of Matthias Heinemann (2021)

Ben Timberlake - Master's student

Non-associative learning in the honeybee: effects of odor exposure on antennal lobe anatomy and function (2015)

now Postdoc at CIMeC with Katya Tentori

Marco Zanoli - Master's student

Two-photon lifetime imaging system based on high frame-rate SPAD array (2015)

Martina Puppi - Master's student

Effects of imidacloprid insecticide on the learning and memory of the honeybee: a behavioural study (2015)

Zahid Safraz - Master's student

A SPAD-based sensor for spectrally resolved life time-detection imaging in two-photon microscopy (2014)

Giulia Zanini - Master's student

Towards optical biopsy of human skin lesions: a two-photon microscopy feasibility study. (2014)

now Postdoc at the University of Maryland

Cristina Traversa - Master's student

Design and construction of the odor-revolver: computer controlled olfactometer for experiments with bees (2014)

Anna Archetti - Master's student

A SPAD-based sensor for flim and spectroscopy of human skin (2013)

now MSCA fellow at the University of Padova, with Marco Dal Maschio

Martina Fava - Intern from the University of Parma

Andrea Stella - Intern

Alessandro Nigi - Intern from the University College Utrecht

Marie Fayolle - Intern from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris

Francesko Molla - Intern

Cecilia Zuglian - Intern

Gianluca Morciano - Intern

Sofia Micheletti - Intern

Daniele Rama - Intern

Ylenia Fratini - Intern

Sofia Rossi - Intern