Post-doc positition available within the BRANDY collaboration

Position: PostDoc/Scientific Programmer

Location: University of Trento, Italy

Duration: 12-24 months

Start date: 2020 flexible

Recommended background: MA/PhD in DataScience/Neuroinformatics or equivalent competence


  • Creating self-encapsulated didactic modules demonstrating application of cutting-edge ML/SL techniques to neurobiological time series (including human [fmri/dti], rodent [fMRI/LFP], insects [Two-photon])
  • Modules will execute on cloud platforms, be self-documented (e.g. Jupyter), rely on platform-agnostic data organization architectures (e.g. BigData) and support workflow-management and collaborative coding (e.g. Git/-annex/datalad)
  • Target populations are MA students in CS/ENG and PhD students in Cognitive Neuroscience

Necessary: Experience with scientific computing in cloud environments

Advantageous: Neurobiological training

Expression of Interest with CV to: Uri Hasson (uri.hasson [at] or Angelo Bifone (Angelo.Bifone [at] for details