EURODOC Open Science Ambassador Training
  • Do you want to learn more about the main principles of the Open Science?
  • Do you wanto to learn more about the practices of the Open Science?
  • Do you want to get inspired by the most knowledgeable and influent experts in Open Science? 

 Are you looking for a free, hands-on, practice-oriented enjoyable training available anytime from your personal computer? You can attend the  10-Open Science Ambassador Training -module training course.

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Open Science Ambassador Training

The Open Science movement aims to open up the entire research cycle so that research designs, methods, data, and the results are publicly available. Open Science is a priority for the European Union, which is one of the main funders of research. Requirements to open up research products (publications & data, for the moment) are very common/compulsory in many EC grant applications, but not only.

Course Curriculum

Each module is made up of an online tutorial on the FOSTER portal and a webinar with an expert on a specific topic of Open Science. The modules specifically address Open Source

  • Open Science
  • Open Access
  • Open/FAIR Data
  • Open Peer Review
  • Data Management
  • Plan S
  • Open Licensing
  • Open Clouds
  • Open Policies

Each module takes approximately 4 hours: 3 hours to complete the FOSTER tutorial and one hour to watch the webinar. Each module also comes with a light literature list to dive deeper into the topic.

Full schedule

  • Module 1 = Bianca Kramer on Open Science 
  • Module 2 = Bernard Rentier on Open Access 
  • Module 3 = Barend Mons on Open/FAIR Data 
  • Module 4 = Jon Tennant on Open Peer Review 
  • Module 5 = Paola Masuzzo on Data Management
  • Module 6 = Marc Schiltz on Plan S
  • Module 7 = Ignasi Labastida i Juan on Open Licensing 
  • Module 8 = Karel Luyben on Open Clouds 
  • Module 9 = Jean-Claude Burgelman on Open Policies 
  • Module 10 = Bob Jones on Open Source
24 EURODOC Ambassadors across Europe have already completed the training.
The Open Science Ambassador Training, was designed by Gareth O'Neill fromer EURODOC President, Ivo Grigorov and facilitated by Roberta Moscon from the University of Trento in the framework of a an Erasmus+ Staff Exchange.