The Laboratorio Teatrale is directed by prof. Sandra Pietrini and promotes various activities. One of the most relevant is the project Arianna: an international scientific research carried out through team work, to which national and foreign institutions collaborate (universities, research centers, archives and libraries, theatre companies). From 2011 to today, a digital database called Shakespeariana has been created. It is currently the most extensive meta-archive on Shakespeare's iconography, which contains over 12000 images and related files, freely available on the site through simple or combined searches. The database is also used for educational purposes, for the preparation of bachelor and master thesis, and as a starting point for scientific insights of each level. In addition to the institutional partners, undergraduates and trainees of the courses Beni Culturali and Lingue Moderne collaborate with the project. The Laboratorio Teatrale also encourages in-depth studies and analysis of specific sectors, some of which are already available for consultation, such as Shakespearean editions and musical adaptations.

Moreover, our Laboratorio Teatrale organizes international seminars or conferences, maps out the main theatrical groups of the territory, promotes activities of theatre criticism and scientific dissemination. Reviews of contemporary shows are selected and collected on the site